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13 Questions

Your friendly neighborhood ask tumblr for the 13th Age campaign publicly posted in the fine places below. Questions are answered by the players and GM as appropriate.
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Aug 18 '14

49-2: Three-Headed Threat


The party has been beset by a three-headed Imperium dragon, Imugi, in pursuit of their treasure. The Elements, though flighty, are less than prepared for aerial battle.

Aug 17 '14

Session 49-1: Albatross

Sorry for the delay! I have been researching and scheming and conniving upgrades and updates with our beloved Patreon pals’ funds…



Having escaped Regulus, the party is now on a perfect escape velocity— straight, straight down to solid ground.

This episode features another round of music by Thylacinus Thylacine!

This service provides a neat HTML5 player, but if you prefer to download episodes, the option’s still there, in the upper right. While this will mean the RSS and iTunes feeds that use our old hosting will no longer update, I will be able to import those feeds and make a new pair soon! Session 49-2 and the exciting finale to Fiasco: Small Gotham will be up later today as I get used to the new hosting.

This is a pretty exciting portent, y’all…….

Aug 13 '14

Anonymous asked:

Did you folks stop with the "Level Up" stories or has the 13th age team not leveled up in awhile? I thought those were neat.

It has been a while, you’re right. Looking ahead you’ll probably hear another round of those in session 52, or thereabouts.

Aug 10 '14
6FU - GM-less Games, Cooperation, and "Cooperation" (6FU Gamechat)


Six Feats Under Game Chat: GM-less Games, Cooperation, and “Cooperation”

Ironicus, Ikks, Drakkel, and special guest James D’Amato of Peaches and Hot Sauce’s show “One Shot” discuss tabletop games with no GM, DM, storyteller, or referee.

Aug 9 '14
6FU - 48-4: Devil Debacle (lp13a)

Session 48 finale: Devil Debacle

Session 48 compiled

Aug 6 '14
6FU - 48-3: Foulest of Foes (lp13a)

Session 48 part 3: Foulest of Foes

Claude Luminor and co. set about battling the cruel creatures summoned by the terribly mistaken ritual intended to summon the Scroll straight from Claude’s chest. These monsters resemble the demons of the Diabolist, but somehow… worse.

Stay ‘tuned for the thrilling conclusion this Saturday, and a special 6FU chat-cast on Fiasco this Sunday!

Video to return soon!

Aug 6 '14

Anonymous asked:

dear mercury, how do you type with incorporeal hands


Aug 3 '14

Anonymous asked:

Mint, What is the best animal? Same question to Margaret.

Scarlett, here! Neither Mint nor Margaret are keen to pick up the mail we receive, so I’ve taken the liberty of polling them in your stead! I’ve compiled their detailed responses below: 

Mint:  I didn’t really spend too much time with animals growing up. One of my friends had a pet badger who was chill as hell and sometimes we’d ride around on him, usually after our town’s team won a crosquesse match. We’d go around on his back and go to every little pub and restaurant and get a drink and something to eat at each one, by the end of the night we were nine hells of messed up but it was so much fun. Lloyy was his name, I think. The badger, not my friend. My friend was Parabell. So I guess I like badgers the best, because that’s the only animal that would ever give me and my friends rides when we were drunk.

Margaret: Horse, or Dog.



Aug 3 '14
6FU - Fiasco: Small-Time Gotham Episode 1: Cops & Robbers (6FU Games)

And now, a very special feature…

Six Feats Under Presents
Fiasco: Small-Time Gotham Episode 1: Cops & Robbers

Ironicus, Ikks, Drakkel, and special guest James D’Amato of Peaches and Hot Sauce’s show “One Shot” take on the roles of a set of ambitious (yet little-known) villains in Gotham City. Can The Dispatch and First Responder fulfill the assassin Sansa’s hit on notorious turncoat The Crookster, or will the terrifying screeches of First Responder’s neighbor’s adopted child keep him from getting the beauty sleep he requires?!

Aug 3 '14
6FU - 48-2: The Wretched Ritual (lp13a)

As the party plummets to the ground, we return to another team that has hit rock-bottom. A haggard and disturbingly quiet Claude Luminor has abandoned the protection of the bog-witches in hopes of removing the Scroll of Resurrection from his chest once and for all. To accomplish this, his team makes a back-alley deal with Mako (Drakkel), princess of an underwater empire nobody has ever seen or heard of. She could be lying, but she has a horse thing. 

The team locates a wizard who promises she knows just the ritual to set Claude right. Things go… poorly.

Video is delayed until Wolfshirt returns from his vacation on his home plane!